Work In Progress:

  • Editable metadata for files

Updates 2017-11-18:

  • DHL shipping plugin (label printing)
  • Simple shop stock, inventory registration
  • Improved jDB (our internal database engine)
    - Better structure for backend
    - Structure to add triggers
    - Json data merging and counting capabilities.
  • Loads of small fixes and improvements.
  • Automatic http -> https redirecting.
  • Improved shop functionality


Updates: 2017-11-10

  • Fixed bugs when installing/deinstalling plugins
  • Fixed language loading for plugins
  • Fixed caching bug when restoring old backup
  • Mollie payment API implemented for the shop (not for everybody available)
  • Small optimizations (lower memory usage, more efficient processing)
  • Introduced package limitations (presetup checks for plugins)
  • New API's for getting and setting metadata on files (needed for a project)
  • Added support for: multiline metadata and other variabletypes then string... e.g. json, numbers, float, boolean

Updates: 2017-10-29:

  • Admin part cleaning
  • Stability for header/footer configuration
  • Speed improvements (header loading)
  • Documentation work
  • Timeline widget

Updates: 2017-10-27:

  • Fixed a small but with uploading png files (sizes are now shown)
  • Added improved handling for favicons and FB images
  • Prepared better static file improvement (for static cdn later on)
  • CSS changes (footer fix, parallax, resolution 920 responsive fix, sidebar fix)
  • Login fix (you can now use name and email address)
  • Fixed Youtube embedded bug
  • Added new widget for Youtube
  • Added ico as allowed upload
  • Image enlarger bug
  • Fixed jquery bug (forms)
  • iFrame sizing bug
  • Added COIN Hive app

Updates: 2017-10-20:

  • Made the fieldvalidation available for configurable elements.
  • Added more options for Whitelabel support
  • Prepared the use of theme's (will be important for setting up new sites)
  • Cleaned up some older administration parts

Updates 2017-10-18:

  • Fixed a bug for JSON fields (emoticons and other escaped characters are now handled correctly)
  • Improved speed for the formgenerator
  • Added several field validation capabilities (forms)
  • fixed svg file upload problems (File Manager)
  • Added some Whitelabel capabilities to our system